Such a loser...

Week 20, Day 5

Philippians 2. 1-13

“Downward mobility”, Dr. Amy Oden called it in the article I posted on Tuesday of this week.

“Let the same mind be in you

that was in Christ Jesus who

being in the form of God

did not regard equality with God

as something to be exploited,

but emptied himself

taking the form of a slave…”

Downward indeed.

Think about that for a minute. Christ forsakes, gives up, lays aside, forgoes divinity to consort with humanity—and with the weakest form of humanity at that.

Enormous, unimaginable power is set aside, left behind. Christ “empties” this divine self of all that. The “form of God” is exchanged for the “form of a slave”. The power to command and accomplish so much good; the possibility of undoing evil with a simple word; to order a perfect world without the pain, suffering and death we encounter daily—all this, Paul says, was not worth holding on to.

Empties himself. Becomes humble. Obedient. To what end; when so much more might have been done?

God is such a loser.

This God will never command respect, lead an army to victory or be elected president. This God will do nothing useful in the world—will build no great cities; establish no great empire. This God will be at the mercy of men not afraid to wield power; to force their will on the weak, mindless masses; to re-form the Creation into their own image.

This God is a loser. More so because this “loserhood” is a choice. Any politically savvy deity with a bit of nerve would have chosen differently. Read Greek mythology. No other god chooses to lose. Some get defeated, but at least they try.

Empty yourself? Forsake power? Choose to lose? Choose to serve?


“Let this same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus…”

Prayer: Mysteries abound, Mysterious God. Give us a simplicity of mind to contemplate your wisdom and a humbleness of heart to attempt your way. Amen.