Welcome to Zwingli United Church of Christ in Mount Vernon. We are glad you have found our website and are looking at our church. I began my pastorate here October 12th, 2021. I was attracted to the mission of the church, the idea that a small church could have a big heart, and the wonderfully friendly members that make up this faith community. Teamwork is a value and when a volunteer is needed several people respond!


People come to worship with open hearts and casual clothes. Because we are still dealing with Covid restrictions we ask all members to wear a mask. We sing masked and seated to make our gathering as safe as possible. After worship members go downstairs for snacks and fellowship, removing their masks to eat and then putting them back on. Someday this pandemic will be over with, until then we are doing our best to care for the most vulnerable in the community.


We love visitors! If you are interested in learning more about this church, come to worship! We meet at 10:15 in the sanctuary or on Facebook Live.


Pastor Lori

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