Join us for a 9-week course that uses mindfulness as a way of reducing stress and improving health and well-being.

This course will help you:

Develop a keener awareness of the body-mind connection
Learn to better cope with stress, pain and difficult emotions
Learn mindful ways of communication
Cultivate loving kindness, forgiveness, and gratitude
Be more fully present and alive in the present moment

For more information on the nature of the course and what will be covered see

We will meet:

Nine Wednesdays—September 20th - November 15th 6 to 8 pm
Mt. Vernon United Church of Christ Fellowship Hall

An optional six-hour retreat on November 4

$30 material and instructor fee (Scholarships are available)
Class size limited to 10 participants.

This 9-week class includes:


Guided instruction on mindfulness practices and gentle mindful movement practices


Group dialog and sharing


Daily home assignments


Optional retreat


On-line materials and support


Course Facilitator—Beth Albert


For more information or to register, contact:

Beth Albert at 832-6394 or

Brad Brookins at 832-6677





This class will be an overview of the course. Attend at no chargeto see if you would like to continue.


9/27 WEEK 1

Introduction to Mindfulness—Body scan


10/4 WEEK 2

Attention and the brain—Sitting meditation I


10/11 WEEK 3

Dealing with thoughts—Sitting meditation II


10/17 WEEK 4 (This is a Tuesday)

Stress response—Yoga I


10/25 WEEK 5

Difficult emotions and pain—Yoga II


11/1 WEEK 6

Deep listening/ Mindful communication—Listening meditation


11/4 9am to 3 pm OPTIONAL RETREAT (lunch provided)

A deeper exploration of several mindfulness practices


11/8 WEEK 7

Mindfulness and Compassion—Loving Kindness Meditation


11/15 WEEK 8

Gratitude, Resilience and developing a practice of your own—Forgiveness Meditation

Mindful in Mt. Vernon